Ishara D.

As a dedicated Mechanical Engineer from Colombo, Sri Lanka, specializing in SolidWorks 3D CAD design, modeling, and drawing, I bring over 8 years of experience and expertise in AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and KeyShot to every project.

As a full-time freelancer, I offer flexible and reliable engineering services tailored to your needs. Explore the portfolio to see innovative designs and simulations, showcasing a commitment to precision and problem-solving. Whether seeking a skilled engineer for your team or a collaborative partner for your project, let's connect and turn ideas into reality!

What I Do

Design for Manufacturing

Utilizing my expertise in Mechanical Engineering, I specialize in designing products with manufacturability in mind. From concept to final product, I ensure designs are optimized for efficient production processes while maintaining high-quality standards.

Technical Drawing

I excel in producing comprehensive technical drawings and documentation that serve as essential blueprints for manufacturing and assembly. Clear and accurate drawings ensure seamless communication between design, engineering, and production teams.

3D Modeling & Rendering

With proficiency in SolidWorks and other advanced software, I create precise and detailed 3D models of mechanical components and assemblies. Stunning renderings bring concepts to life, providing clients with realistic visualizations of their products before production.

Concept Development

Innovation drives my approach to concept development. I collaborate closely with clients to transform ideas into viable concepts, leveraging my creative insight and engineering knowledge to explore possibilities and refine designs for optimal performance and functionality.



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